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IN SITU.MLUGEO Open Data ClusterIN SITU.MLUGEO Open Data ClusterIN SITU.MLUGEO Open Data Cluster

IN SITU.MLUGEO Fair Open Data Portals

Weather & Cimate Services

Open Climate and Weather Data Portal
Weather and Climate Data


Runoff & Water Quality Services

Open Hydrological Field Data
Hydrological Data


Digital Arable Geoservices

Open Pehological Field Data Portal
Phenological Data



UAV-based Open Data
UAV-based Open Data


Map of the field campaigns

In Situ field campaigns of the departments of geoecology and digital geography of MLU

This interactive map provides an overview of the location of sites for the collection of ground truth data by our institution and is intended for quick access.

The complete application with implemented search filters can be found here:

»»Map of the Field Campaign and Ground Truth Data Locations


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