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IN SITU.MLUGEO Open Data ClusterIN SITU.MLUGEO Open Data ClusterIN SITU.MLUGEO Open Data Cluster

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  • Phenology Field Campaigns with help of Drones
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With this service portal, we provide a complete digital data framework that makes raw data and aggregated data series from field campaigns of the Institute of Geosciences and Geography of Martin Luther University (MLU) and cooperating networks available online according to FAIR and standard-compliant criteria. The processing chain includes offline collection in the field, an asynchronous transfer of data into the portal, processing and provision as standardized open-access web services and visualizations within data views, time series analyses, presentation and download services. The process chain under development combines proprietary and open source components into a FAIR overall framework. Step by step, further data from different terrain campaigns of the institute will be transferred to the portal.
Please note that our portal is under construction. Data and services are constantly being added. Layout and usability are also still under development.

IN SITU.MLUGEO Fair Open Data Portals

Weather & Cimate Services

Open Climate and Weather Data Portal
Weather and Climate Data


Runoff & Water Quality Services

Open Hydrological Field Data
Hydrological Data


Digital Arable Geoservices

Open Pehological Field Data Portal
Phenological Data


Map of the field campaigns

In Situ field campaigns of the departments of geoecology and digital geography of MLU

This interactive map presents an overview of field campaigns conducted by the Department of Geoecology at Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg. Within these campaigns climatological, phenological, pedological, hydrological and geomorphological parameters are collected. A variety of these spatial analyses can be explored via this map. The filters placed above the map allow a preselection to searched information. Clicking on the markers of the locations opens a popup, which leads you directly to the data visualization in diagrams and tables as well as to the download of the corresponding data.

Browse station identifier
Selection by topics
Filter Campaign Data Locations by Project

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Agrisens DEMMIN 4.0 UAV-LiDAR hilft Steine zu finden

Das Drohnenteam der Arbeitsgruppe Geoökologie der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg hat seit kurzem ein UAV LiDAR System im Einsatz. Der hochauflösende Laserscanner soll Anwendungsfälle der digitalen Reliefanalyse unterstützen. Anwendungsszenarien sind beispielsweise Crop Monitoring, Erosionsanalysen oder die Detektion von Feldsteinen im Forschungsprojekt AgriSens DEMMIN 4.0. Der Trailer vermittelt Eindrücke vom ersten Einsatz des neuen Systems.


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