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List of campaigns with links to the apps with interactive data views, charts and downloads

Aggregated Data

These data represent the average conditions of particularly essential parameters of the field campaigns (vegetation and soil parameters). In this context, we provide statistically aggregated measures of location and dispersion.


Date APP / Data Link Description Interface, Data formats Access level Status
Time series of all DEMMIN campaign data since 2019 until now

Open Data App

APP DEMMIN Aggregation ESU

Fractional Vegetation Cover (FVC), Proportion of senescent material (PSM), Canopy height, Content of Leaf Chlorophyll (Chl), Soil Moisture, Leaf Area Index, Map with spatial view of Campaign Design App with Data Views, interactive Charts with Download Functions (Formats: JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG, XLS), Open Data Interfaces (CSV, JSON, XML) CSV Download JSON Interface XML Interface Open Data Reviewed
Contact us for open questions

Raw Data

These apps with data views and interactive charts represent all captured field and lab values of the data in up to 180 data fields per record. These data are comprehensively checked for plausibility and are initially only available to the DEMMIN consortium for scientific questions (data output after decision on request).

Year Crop / Data Link Description Interface, Data formats Access level status
2018 to 2022 Winter Wheat, Sugar Beet All Campaigns with Field and Laboratory Data from 2018 to 2022 Raw Data, App with Data Views and Interfaces
CSV Download JSON Interface
internal* Reviewed
Contact us to get access to internal access levels of data (internal* means members of the DEMMIN Consortium)

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