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With the support of our StoryMap-based e-learning modules, you can learn all the basics of data collection in our sampling and field campaigns. Modules include a general introduction to measurement campaigns, the Durable Environmental Multidisciplinary Monitoring Information Network DEMMIN study area, sampling design, vegetation, soil, and laboratory methods, and more. Using the navigation at the bottom of this page, you can either take a Guided Tour through the learning modules or jump to the specific learning content in free navigation. This media didactic principle is equally implemented in our StoryMaps. Have fun getting to know our applied terrain methods!

Lesson 1:

Data collection in the DEMMIN field exercise

Lesson 1 Field Data Collection



Lesson 2:

Methods of Measuring in the Field

Lesson 2: Methods of Measuring



Lesson 3:

Vegetation Parameter Measurements

Lesson 3: Vegetation Parameters



Lesson 4:

Soil Parameter Measurements

Lesson 4: Soil Parameters



Lesson 5:

Laboratory Work

Lesson 5: Laboratory Work



Lesson 6:

Field Impression

Lesson 6: Field Impression




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